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Comprehensive Guide to Air Freight (Full-Day)


Enroll in our Comprehensive Guide to Air Freight course and gain a complete understanding of air freight shipping processes. From regulations and documentation to handling procedures and customs clearance, this course covers all aspects of air cargo operations. Participants will also learn how to negotiate air freight rates with carriers and gain insights into customs and border protection procedures related to air freight shipments. With this comprehensive knowledge, attendees will be equipped to handle their day-to-day air freight operations efficiently and effectively.

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Curriculum for this course:

  • Pricing, Rates, Surcharges, Terms, Seasonality, Volume Ratio, Airlines & Aircraft, Trade Lanes, and Platforms.
  • Dangerous Cargo (DGR), oversize, temperature-controlled merchandise and other special cargo, Consolidations, Business planning and forecasting.
  • Geography – Airports, Routes, Country and Carrier restrictions, Hub systems, Capabilities
  • Booking – Process, Platforms
  • Preparing shipments – Packing, Labelling, Security (TSA), Loading, ULD vs. loose, AWB, Legal, Insurance (Shipper’s Interest), Trucking
  • Loading – Equipment, Handling agents
  • Flight – Tracking & Monitoring
  • Delivery & File closing – Customs clearance, Claims handling, Trucking, Billing
  • Other topics – Benefits, Limitations, Air charter, OBC, Sustainability